Ghaziabad District was created on November 26, 1976 when then Chief Minister Mr. N.D. Tiwari declared the place as a district on the birth anniversary of the first prime minister of India, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nery. Prior to that, the district was a tehsil of Meeru district. A tehsil is an administrative division of some countries in South Asia. Specifically, it’s a city or town that serves to exercise some fiscal and administrative powers over the municipalities or villages under its jurisdiction. Ghaziabad District’s history extends to long before that, however. Research work and excavations done in the area – specifically at the mound of Kaseri on the bank of river Hindon some 2 kilometers north of Mohan Nagar – shows that civilization has already been developed there as far back as 2500 BC.

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Shri Dudheshwar Nath

Shri Dudheshwar Nath Mahadev Mandir is a very popular local temple. It owes its name to a strange legend. It is said that long ago a cow released her own milk into a hole dug by her. Pious Hindus built a temple on that site. The Dudheshwar Nath temple is.......

Thakurdwara temple

This sacred Hindu temple is situated in the Ajrara village. The village stands at the left of the river Kali Nadi.Kali river, which originates in the Doon Valley and travels about 150 km passing through Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar, ...


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